Where To Go In Antalya, Which Place To Visit, How To Travel In Antalya

antalyaIn our article, we will talk about where to go in Antalya, which place to visit in Antalya and how to travel in Antalya.

Planning an Antalya trip is easy, thanks to Antalya is known as the holiday capital of Turkey. Antalya’s vivid scenery, cultural and historical landmarks and recreational activities make it much more than simply a holiday destination.

There are ancient cities which has a history of thousands of years in Antalya. The historical places you should visit in Antalya are Aspendos antic theater, Olimpos Antic City , Arykanda Antic City , Sillyon Antic City,  Perge Antic City, Myra Antic City , Simena Antic City , Xanthos Antic City , Apollonia Antic City , , Side Apollon Temple, Side antic theater , Side Antic City , Seleukeia Antic City , Soura Antic City  and Antiphellos Antic City

Antalya has much to offer its arts and culture to travel fanatics. Kaleiçi Museum and Alanya Museum holds many key exhibitions.

Antalya has many great vacations. There is nearly everything you could imagine from swimming, surfing, fun parks and much more. Whatever your desire you will undoubtedly find it in Antalya. Antalya’s best beaches are Konyaaltı Beach, Phaselis Beach, Kaş Kaputaş Beach, Lara Beach, Kleopatra Beach and Damlataş Beach.

Let look at some incredible canyons from Antalya. Antalya has Köprülü Canyon, Sapadere Canyon,  Kibris Canyon and Göynük Canyon. Visitors can walk along these places and take photographs of the canyon’s excellent scenery.

Finally, for our article titled where to go in Antalya, which place to visit in Antalya and how to travel in Antalya, we will tell something about Antalya’s caves. Antalya also has caves for adventurous visitors. Some of the caves of Antalya are Dim Cave, Suluin Cave, Karain Cave,  Kocain Cave, Beldibi Cave and Sırtlanini Cave.

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